What should I bring to my initial consultation?

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What should I bring to my initial consultation?

What should I bring to my initial consultation?

You have taken the first step, called our office, and scheduled an initial consultation.  You may now ask yourself what should I bring with me to this meeting?  Here a list to help organize your thoughts.

First, you should have all of your various dates.  This includes your date of marriage, date of separation, and dates of birth for your spouse and children.

Second, you should be prepared to discuss you and your spouse’s employment and income.  If you can, please bring your most recent income tax returns and pay stubs reflecting year-to-date income.

Third, prepare a list of all assets including, but not limited to, real estate (primary residence, rental properties, vacation home, timeshares); bank accounts (checking, savings, money market, CDs, educational); retirement accounts (pensions, 401k, annuities, IRAs); motor vehicles (also motorcycles, boats, trailers, etc.); business interests; stocks and bonds; and life insurance cash surrender value.  This list should have the current value for each account.

Fourth, prepare a list of all debt obligations including, but not limited to, mortgages; motor vehicle loans; credit cards; IRS or other government debts; personal loans; secured loans; and bankruptcy information.  This list should have the current amount due for each account.

Fifth, prepare a list of specific questions that you have.   Our attorneys will provide you with a significant amount of information at the initial consultation.  Having your list will prevent you from asking that one additional question.

This list is not meant to be inclusive or exclusive.  You will receive a similar experience from your initial consultation whether you follow this list or not.  But, as some say, you can never be too prepared.

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