Resolving issues concerning your divorce can be costly and difficult.  While only a judge can actually grant a divorce, division of your property and debts, alimony, child support, custody and parenting time are some of the other issues that may need to be resolved.  While a judge can decide all issues at trial, there are other ways to resolve many of the issues in your divorce.  These alternate dispute resolution methods offer greater privacy than resolving the issue in a pubic trial.  They also may be faster and less expensive, and may reduce the level of conflict between you and your spouse during your divorce.  Two popular alternate dispute resolution methods are mediation and arbitration.

Mediation is a means of resolving differences with the help of a trained, impartial third party.  You and your spouse, with or without lawyers, are brought together by the mediator in a neutral setting.  A mediator does not represent either side and does not offer legal advice.  The mediator structures and guides negotiations and helps a divorcing couple understand the principles of divorce law.  The mediator helps the parties identify the issues, gather the information they need to make an informed decision, and communicate so that they can find a solution agreeable to both.  Mediation is designed to facilitate settlements in a non-adversarial manner.  Mediation allows you to make decisions that are best for your family.

In an arbitration proceeding, an impartial third party decides issues in a case.  The parties select the arbitrator and agree on which issues the arbitrator will decide.  The parties also agree in advance whether the arbitrator’s decisions will be binding on them or instead be treated as a recommendation.

Greentree Divorce Mediation Services is committed to resolving your matter in an efficient and effective manner.  Alan Domers is certified as a Matrimonial Law Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.  He is a Divorce Arbitrator and a member of the New Jersey Divorce Arbitrators Association and is a Divorce Mediator.  He has been appointed frequently as a Blue Ribbon Panelist by various family court judges and his peers.

Mr. Domers utilizes his vast experience, skill and calm demeanor in reaching fair and equitable results in the following areas:

  • Divorce mediation
  • Custody and parenting time disputes
  • Post-divorce disputes such as contribution to college expenses, modification of support, and relocation
  • Arbitration (binding and non-binding)
  • Blue Ribbon Matrimonial Early Settlement Panelist

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